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Have you visited the farmers and crafts market or different festivals in Northumberland? Then you can share your experience with our readers. In this magazine, the readers learn about these markets in Northumberland, trades and businesses, festivals, and events.

We want our readers to learn more about these topics so that they find interest in visiting these places or attending festivals when they visit Northumberland. People will also get advice on how to do trade or set up a business there. If you think you can contribute to the magazine, then you can write for us.

You should write about interesting aspects of the farmers and craft market, events, and festivals. The readers must feel motivated to read the articles and benefit from them. You should follow some guidelines for writing the articles.

The articles must be plagiarism-free and not be published elsewhere before. You shouldn’t write on any duplicate topic that has already been published in the magazine. So, go through our archive before choosing a topic for your articles.

If you can add a different perspective to a topic, only then you can write on a similar topic. You must stay updated with the market and event calendar so that you can let our readers know about the upcoming festivals or craft fairs.

You should visit the websites of the festival organizers to find out what activities will be available at the festival and the performers who will be participating at the event. You should include pictures of the past years’ farmers’ markets, craft markets, and festivals to encourage the readers to learn more about these events.

You can include the dates and venues of the events too in your articles and provide the ticketing information as well. Once you complete writing the article, you should submit it by email. Our team will provide the necessary feedback before approving your articles. For any inquiries about the writing position, you can contact us.