Top Festivals In Northumberland This Year

Top Festivals In Northumberland This Year

If you have been to Northumberland before or live here, you will know that festivals and events are a part of life here. Throughout the year, several festivals are organized by the local people.

Due to the pandemic, it was not possible to host these festivals for the past few years. But this year people of Northumberland are set to celebrate. Here are some of the top festivals in Northumberland this year.

Northumberland Dark Skies Festival

The event will take place from five observatories.

You will get to see a lot of things. There will be family-friendly viewing and workshops on astrophotography, including lessons on how to capture the Aurora with your camera. An exhibition will take place at The Still National Landscape Discovery Centre.

There is a gallery of night-time landscape photography. There is also a display of telescopes and meteorites. Lindisfarne Festival is a fun festival of magic and music. There will be sizzling entertainment for a few days towards the end of summer.

At this festival, there will be a comedy, music, yoga and meditation, holistic therapies, and more. If you want to be at the festival, then you need to grab your tickets early.

Corbridge Festival

This is a very popular festival in Northumberland. There are so many things to do here that you will end up deciding what to see and what not to. There are lots of family activities. You will enjoy circus, yoga, soap bubble shows, face painting, and lots of other fun things. There will be workshops too to teach you some new skills.

Glendale Music Festival

This festival is about music and dance. You will hear some of the best local singers sing various types of songs, including folk songs. Apart from music, there will be stalls, sports activities, and food.

These festivals are a representation of the local culture. You will have a great time at these festivals with your family and friends. It’s a wonderful way to escape from your busy life. At many of these festivals, you will see farmer’s markets and craft markets. If you want, you can set up your stalls here.