How To Organize A Craft Fair

How To Organize A Craft Fair

If you have been to a craft market, you will realize how it can showcase the tradition and culture of a place. You will get to know about the people and their ways of life through the products they display at the craft market. It can be a good initiative to organize a craft fair in your community. Here are some tips on how to organize such a nice event.

Do The planning  properly

You have to break down the tasks into several pieces.

You should set the date and time of the fair. It is good to have it during weekends, that way more people will be able to come to the fair.

Choose location

The location you choose for the craft fair should be convenient for most people. There should be enough parking space. You should also make a plan about what to do in case the weather isn’t good.

Decide on the type of vendor

You must set up a planning committee that will make the major decisions about the fair. You should decide the type of vendor you want at the fair. You can limit your vendors to those selling jewellery and hand-painted crafts. Alternatively, you can have an open option to invite any vendor to the fair.

Make a floor plan

You should have a solid floor plan. Decide how many stalls you want to set up within that space. Accordingly, you should rent out the stalls, making sure it doesn’t get overcrowded.

Hire people for the job

You must hire people or invite volunteers to help you organize the craft fair. You should give specific responsibilities to different people. For example, someone must take care of the booths; they must accept the payment and allocate the right space to the vendors.

Promote your event

You should let out the news about your craft fair in your locality. You should use Facebook and other social networks, door-to-door marketing, email marketing, and other forms of promotions to advertise your event. You need to have posters everywhere and distribute leaflets about the event to that more people attend the fair.

These tips will help you to organize a crafts fair properly. You will be able to encourage many local people and even those from outside the locality to come to the craft fair. It is an opportunity to have some fun and socialize.