Arranging a craft fair or a festival can be very challenging. You need to bring a lot of people together to make these events successful. If you are arranging such a fair, then you need to promote your event in the right way to reach many people. You can choose advertisements from various options.

You can distribute leaflets about the event in shopping malls, bus stands, and other public places. The leaflets must contain the date and venue of the festival. There will be information regarding setting up stalls as well. The local people should be able to get all the information they need to set up a stall at the festival or event and also visit the place as visitors.

You can use radio advertising to let the local people know about the events. There are many private radio channels where you can advertise the events. Banner ads can be created to get more people at the fair or festival.

Our team can help in creating the banner ads and posting them on the website. Our team can write about similar festivals and fairs that took place before. They can write about the quality of the stalls and the items they will sell.

You can take part in the events as a sponsor. This kind of promotion boosts brand image, and more people will know about these events. We send monthly newsletters to our readers, and you can advertise the event in this newsletter so that more people read about it.

Social media is another platform where you can advertise. We have a strong Facebook page, and you can advertise here. Those who see this advertisement will let their friends and family members know about it too.

You can set up a personal consultation session with us to decide which advertising options to choose. You can contact us by email to learn about the advertising rates and other things.